We Love to Help

The name says it all… Love One Hair Studio. The studio name stands for… Love Ones’ Self – Love One Planet – Love One Another. I am involved in our community because I love it!


We Love to Help

At the age of six, Jasmine had the crown of her scalp torn off by a pitbull. Later at 16, she yearned for something fun and expressive. I started a fundraiser and donated my services so we could purchase a set of three playful wigs to allow this teenager some self-expression.


Wear to Start logoThis organization outfits unemployed, low-income women and helps them update themselves and their confidence for successful job interviews with appropriate clothes, hair and makeup treatments. I’ve provided my professional services to this organization since 2007. Making someone feel good from the inside out is something I love to do. These women are valued clients at Love One.

Community Means Everything

Ginger house 2018Sarah is an active member of our community, participating in events such as the Santa Parade in support of The Mustard Seed; and since being the proud winner in the amateur category at the annual Gingerbread Showcase supporting Habitat for Humanity in 2012, she continues to wow audiences with her delicious gingerbread creations.

Love the Planet!

using hair in plaster

Love One loves the planet and makes every effort to recycle and reuse all products possible. Even cut hair is reused as a weed deterrent in gardens and believe it or not, I am asked for hair by an alternative builder who adds hair to finish plasters, just like in the olden days. We recycle all paper, plastic, metal and foils and compost all biodegradables. Love One is proud of how little it contributes to our landfill and continues to work towards further reductions.