Love One Pricing & hours

ServiceFees - starting at:
Women's short hair$34.00
Women's med/long hair$53.00
Men's cut$33.00
Children's cut (10 years and under)$25.00
Basic blow-dry$35.00
Shampoo blow-dry with curls/irons$40.00
Formal up-do$75.00 +
Kashmir straightening system$120.00 +
Conditioning treatment$10.00
Roots only$65.00
Demi roots$63.00
Pulling colour through ends$25.00
Extra colour$15.00
Men's colour $40.00
Colour remover$50.00
Colour correction$63.00/hour plus product
Root bleach-out$90.00
Partial highlights$85.00
Full head highlights$130.00
Intense fashion colour$65.00
Partial highlight/root touch up combo$115.00 + toner $22.00


$100.00 +
Brow wax$15.00
Lip wax$10.00
Brow tint$15.00
Lash tint$20.00
Military members receive 15% discount
All services are plus 5% GST
All services are based on specific time intervals.
Please book a free consultation to receive precise costs for your personal service

If you book in for any service, you will be charged for the full cost of that appointment. Timings are allotted at the time you book in, if you decline a shampoo or insist on a dry cut you will still be charged the full cost. Pricing is based on your booking.

I will gladly make adjustments for free if you contact me with your concerns within a week of your appointment.

I am always happy to receive feedback from my clients. I am always willing to learn or try something different. It is important for you as the client to feel at ease with voicing your concerns as we get to know one another or try to achieve a new look for you. It is important to me that you are satisfied with the services I perform, so please feel free to call me to discuss any concerns you have.

+ 5% GST on all services


Wednesdays to Saturday

I believe life is meant to be spent living to the fullest, loving as much as possible and caring for others to the best of my ability. I’m often asked why I don’t keep regular business hours. My answer is: because I’m not a regular business. I work around what life brings me. If it is a sick family member or a beautiful day and I’m not booked with clients, I won’t be in the shop. I work to live, love and laugh, not live to work. But that being said, if you have small kids and need a late appointment, I would be happy to come back in especially for you. It is no problem, in fact, it is my pleasure because then you are understanding my life and I’m understanding yours. Life isn’t 9-5 its full of abundant blessings, and so, thank you in advance for your understanding my “business hours”.